Monday, July 26, 2010

Please check in...

Hi Everyone,

There are some concerns about molys not being received yet. There are at least a couple of us that have not received molys this month.

The exchange date was July 15th.

If you are having a hard time keeping the dates, please communicate with me so that I can adjust the exchange dates, or communicate with your "send-to" person so that we all keep the exchange moving and we all know that the "sender" is still alive and kicking (and drawing).

Communicating through the blog is the way we all communicate with each other as a group and stay on the same page. But if you need to you can email directly to your "sender" or "send-to" person.

Thanks! Lisa

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Mailing Day!

Hi Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that it's July 15th... That means it's the day we are to mail out our molys.
Please remember to post an image of your work before you mail it off though.

Our next exchange date is August 30th!

I am eager to receive the next moly!

Wood: Fire feeder, Water absorber, Earth parter

Here is Justine's latest entry in Balt's moly. The Element she worked with was Wood: Fire feeder, Water absorber, Earth parter. Beautiful!

Added to B's Moly...

I had B's moly this time around and made my own addition two images down. But I also added to B's first the background...just a little bit...hope you don't mind B. Just felt that it needed something to help it transition into Cherry Bomb's piece. I know it doesn't feel complete even yet, but I thought I would take a shot at adding to the background further the next time your moly comes to me....or maybe you will. It may not look like much now...but I have a positive feeling about it.

So it' July 15 th and I am sending this off to Azfemme!