Wednesday, October 14, 2009

51timesBalt's Moly: METAL

Here is 51timesBalt's first entry in his moly. Amazing detail on his female figure.


  1. Hi everyone... I just want to let you know everything is up and drawing or pasting or inking or painting..anyway. here are some shots of the moli progression. Celeste started hers with the element of fire. Wow, strong colors. She was telling me that sometimes when we are in the battle with our medium, our skills are often honed by the little mistakes we make; an accidental smear here; an unintended stroke there and BAM we"re genius. I say, touchè.

  2. I also include a shot of my moli in its unfinished state. As of this post, it is finished. But you will see it when you get it. I started with metal. It's a great task to create an image in your mind and practice here and there to transfer the idea from your head to your hands and on to a piece of paper. Our eyes always seem to say "Look there is a piece of bent metal; draw it; compose it, illustrate it; dang it, paint it." Your mind agrees and there's the rub.

    The start has been rough. It's the first time for many, if not, all of us. But it's a great idea and I hope we can all ride the cool wave together. So keep stroking and keep rubbing. I'll talk with you all soon.

  3. Balt-
    I love the figure. I didn't want to start with metal b/c that seems like a difficult element to recreate on paper. Its so cold and manufactured, yet I think your interpretation is very creative and successful. While I get that icy, detached feeling of metal, incorporating the female figure is a good contradiction (since women are so associated with warmth, nurturing, earth.) I'm glad you've managed to show another, also very accurate interpretation of femininity. The mysterious interior. Gorgeous.
    I also appreciate the encouragement. i definately put off my Moly for a long time b/c i was reluctant to get the drawing/creating juice going. I almost had to get angry [at my procrastination] to start, and use that as the spark. Let loose.