Monday, October 12, 2009


Here is the first entry in my moly_x_66: I started with FIRE. I will be sending her off to Azfemme later today. Azfemme will make the next entry addressing the element of EARTH.

Please Azfemme, I would love for you to do some of your wonderful pen and ink work...and please date, sign and comment/journal on the back side of your entry!


  1. what a splendid display of fire's detail. It's a fantastic start lisa rene. The Fire Bird moves up and down the page. I received ng's moly. I will get on it right quickly.
    Cherry bombs- I love the fire dragon. it move, it feels as if it wants to jump off the page. It's going to be a great moly.

  2. OOoooo! I love the feathers. They are woven so subtly into her hair, and the luminosity of your pen work is lovely. So feminine and delicate, yet the colors and graphic style are a nice bold contrast. I've been incorporating feathers into a lot of my work recently. What do they make you think of? P.s. Thanks for posting my stuff.