Thursday, August 20, 2009

Extension on Exchanging our Moly's

Hi Everyone!  I have already heard from jpechuzal and Azfemme that extending our work time in our own moly's for one more month would be very helpful.  I strongly agree!  So much has been going on and I think we all want to get off to a strong and proud start.  

If there aren't any objections from 51 times Balt, Cherry Bomb and NG I think we should go for the extension!

Also, I did already receive home mailing addresses from Azfemme, jpechuzal, and 51 times Balt.  I still need a couple more addresses from you...sent directly to my email of course...not to be posted here on the blog.

Please post your comment on this topic and please send your home address to my gmail address.

Thanks!  Lisa

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