Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Sign-in page still in progress...

O.k...Haven't posted anything in a while...still working on the sign-in page...working in ballpoint pen and trying to find a yellow and a white to create the spheres for earth and metal...not sure yet where I will have you all sign-in,  here or in another area...lots to consider still but I know it will all come together when it comes time to mail it off! I am almost done with my 4 page spread but not ready to share yet so hopefully this peek is fun for you all and would love to hear your comments!


  1. Very smooth...don't know how you do this with a ballpoint pen!
    So, you're saying that the Back of my 4 page spread belongs to me to add poetry that inspired it, sources etc? that's great!

  2. Well, as far as your own book, I think you can use whatever areas as you like and request, suggest etc...that others treat your book in a certain way. I am going to encourage and request that anyone who want to record their thoughts, inspirational words, journal process, do so on the back of their own entry. I think that would be great....Now I am not sure if they want me doing that in their book, so I guess I could put it out there and then we would know who prefers what...

    : P Lisa